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Areas of Focus


Youth Outreach

At the heart of Run To Win are the kids! We have over 90 camps lined up for this summer and invite you to be part of the fun. 

We share God’s love and his gospel with campers, to keep our focus on the Lord both on and off the playing field as we run the great race of faith! Through our RTW Camps and follow-up we are here to love, encourage and support the next generation.

We are “saving the world, one playground at a time!” 


Organized Sports Ministry

Run To Win Outreach is a sports ministry reaching out to the greater Puget Sound Area with a positive message of hope founded in the Christian faith. Using the powerful platform of sports, Run To Win offers a wide variety of events throughout the year organized around sports.

RTW Outreach Events for youth groups and families featuring professional and college athletes, and Chapel Services and Bible Studies with high school, collegiate and even professional teams are all keys to our outreach efforts.

Run To Win is sharing the inspiration of Christ to athletes, coaches and sports enthusiasts across our region. From the sandlots to the major league fields, God has positioned Run To Win to make an impact!


Ongoing Ministry

Run To Win is committed to building and cultivating genuine relationships that continue beyond our events and camps. We understand God did not call us to live isolated lives, but to come together, fellowship and lift one another up.

Psalm 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We are engaging others and running the great race of faith alongside them for a liftetime. Whether it’s discipleship, mentoring, or giving you the inspiration you need, Run To Win is here for the needs of our community.