The Best is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet to Come

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Podcast 006: the best is yet to come

This weeks Podcast is on the topic, “the best is yet to come.” A lot of the times it can be difficult to understand what that really means and how we are to apply that to our life. We dive into what it means and how to FOCUS on the right things.

Entering into the second month of 2019 (February), we wanted to share what it means to believe the best is yet to come. No matter what season you are in, there is always something better around the corner. This is not a prosperity gospel, but a hope for the future that is found in Jesus. He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith, and He is always working for our good no matter what. Mike dives into his newest acrostic FOCUS, and shares what we need to focus on in order to know the best is yet to come. When we focus on Jesus, we know there is going to be something new and adventurous around the corner.

It can be difficult to hear the same Christian language all the time and allow it to impact you. Sayings like, "the best it yet to come," can lead to a lot of confusion rather than hope. What does it really mean when we say the best is yet to come? Are we talking about more material blessings, money, or no more problems at all? These and many other questions can arise, but it all comes down to what we are focusing on. It can be easy to focus on the circumstances we are in, good or bad, instead of Jesus. When we do that, we enter into hearing phrases such as the one mentioned and miss the point. We hear it as a nice thing Christians say, rather than a promise from Jesus that when we walk with Him He is always working on our hearts and minds so we can see and understand Him more. He is calling us to a deeper relationship with Him everyday. It is through relationship with Him we understand the best is yet to come, and it always starts with Him.

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Alice Hanh